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  • Classroom Volunteers read to children, assist teacher and students during the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, with special projects, or school events.

  • Chaperone a field trip!  Prior notification of upcoming trips and approximate costs will be given.  Parent Role for Field Trips: student safety, facilitation of learning and interaction with students.






The 1st Grade Team

Mrs. Austin - Room 1


Mrs. Zavitz - Room 2


Miss Inzitari - Room 3

Miss Inzitari's Blog


Ms. McGee - Room 4

Ms. McGee's blog


Mrs. McGee - Room 5


Ms. Davis - Room 6 


Miss Cavanna - Room 10


1st Grade Curriculum


  • DRA Proficient Levels: Fall – 3, Winter – 12, Spring – 18.

  • Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop:

  • Non-fiction, Author Study, Narrative, Poetry

  • Oral Language Development

  • Vocabulary Development

  • Application of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

  • Comprehending Text

  • How to Study Literature


Math: Everyday Mathematics

  • Numbers & Numeration: counting; reading and writing numbers; investigating place value of whole numbers; exploring fractions and money.

  • Operations & Computation: learning addition and subtraction facts, fact families and extended facts; beginning informal work with properties of numbers and problem solving.

  • Data & Chance: collecting, organizing, and displaying data using tables, charts and graphs.

  • Measurement & Reference Frames: using tools to measure length, capacity, and weight; using clocks, calendars, timelines, thermometers, and ordinal numbers.

  • Geometry: exploring 2-dimensional shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles) and 3-dimensional shapes (pyramids, cones, prisms).

  • Patterns, Functions, and Algebra: exploring attributes, patterns, sequences, relations, and functions; finding missing numbers and rules in problems; studying properties of operations (addition & subtraction).


Social Studies & Science

  • Neighborhoods and Communities:

    • Myself, my family, my school community, my city.

    • Community celebrations around the world.

  • Physical Science:

    • Balance & motion

    • Air and Weather

  • Life Science:

    • Metamorphosis: Life cycles of insects