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4th Grade Curriculum

Literacy – Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, and Word Work

The literacy curriculum is based on Connecticut state standards for the fourth grade level.


  • Foundations
  • Response to Literature
  • Author Study – Chris Van Allsburg
  • Poetry
  • Non-Fiction


Everyday Math


  • Naming and Constructing Geometric Figures
  • Using Numbers to Organize Data
  • Multiplication and Division; Number Sentences and Algebra
  • Decimals and Their Uses
  • Big Numbers, Estimation, and Computation
  • Division; Map Reference Frames; Measures of Angles
  • Fractions and Their Uses; Chance and Probability
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Fractions, Decimals, Percents
  • Reflections and Symmetry
  • 3-D Shapes, Weight, Volume, and Capacity
  • Rates


Social Studies and Science

Integrated Units and Essential Questions:


Forces and Motion

  • What makes objects move the way they do?

Electricity and Magnetism

  • What is the role of energy in our world?


  • How do matter and energy flow through ecosystems?
  • How are organisms structured to ensure efficiency and survival?

Land and Water

  • How do external and internal sources of energy affect the Earths’ systems?


Social Studies

Geography skills (integrated throughout the year with each unit)

  • How do maps and globes help us learn about the earth?

Explorers (1493-1793)

  • Why did the Europeans explore the new world?
  • Why did they cooperate or have conflicts with the native inhabitants?
  • How did they impact our world?


  • How did the beliefs and values of the earliest European settlers influence the development ofRoanoke,Jamestown, andPlymouth?
  • How did the colonists’ beliefs and values lead them to settle and develop the northern, middle, and southern colonies?
  • How did geography, climate, and economy influence the development of the northern, middle, and southern colonies?

American Revolution

  • What conflicts (economic, social and political) caused the American Revolution?
  • How did the beliefs and values of the European and Colonial leaders impact the American Revolution?
  • How did the Patriots win the Revolutionary War?




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